17 LO in Gdynia is an experienced school with a great deal of educational achievement.

We got the certifacate of Changemaker Schools given by Ashoka in 2016, becoming one of  only six  of this kind  in Poland. Moreover, we have been Microsoft in the Cloud School since 2017 and won the competition for becoming the first in Poland „School of practice”/”Szkoła ćwiczeń” in 2018.

We are proud to have the certificate of Entrepreneuer Innovator. We joined Microsoft Flagship School network in January 2019, which made us the first one in Central European and generally one out of eighteen schools of this kind in the world. The mentioned above concerns our newly built building in Gdynia – Wiczlino, where we received Microsoft’s help in terms of support,  professional advice in preparations and trainings.

We combine our academic  knowledge with social and IT skills. We prepare our students for maturity exam (matura), future studies and their life and professional carreers. We offer interesting lessons, workshops, lectures, organise trips, educational programmes and participate in various projects, including International ones. We cooperate with University of Gdańsk, IBM, Microsoft and Revas. Our students gain and develop their knowledge and skills with the help of IT experts, university lecturers and career coaches. Moreover, they plan their professional career,  do simulations of  companies, create escape rooms and take part in exchange programmes with  Finland and Germany, for instance.

Our students are creative, thoughtful, brave, open-minded and active. They fulfill their eagerness to learn and develop their skills by participating in mutual projects and undertakings.

The teachers of School no 17 are the people who are passionate about their job, share their knowledge and experience with others by writing blogs, preparing training sessions, giving lectures or being educational youtubers. Five of our teachers are Microsof Innovator Educator Experts. What is more, we take part  in numerous courses in Poland and abroad, for example as participants of Erasmus+ programme.

The stuff,  together with the students,  organised an  all-Poland conference called ” Szkoła z Edumocą” in 2018. Furthermore, The Head Teacher cooperates and  represents our school both in Poland and abroad as a member  of innovative educators of Microsoft and Ashoka Global Change Leaders.

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